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At a Glance

  • Domaine established: 1863
  • Owner: Brovia family
  • Head of viticulture: Elena Brovia
  • Head of winemaking: Alex Sanchez (Elena’s husband)


Red grape varieties: 55% Nebbiolo for Barolo, 25% Dolcetto, 10% Barbera, 10% Freisa, Arneis and Nebbiolo
Average vine age: 40+ for Barolo Crus, 20-40 years for Barolo Cuvee
Total area of estate: 16.7 ha
Average yield: 35-40 hl/ha for Barolo
Vine density: 4200 vines/ha
Altitude: 250m to 370m


Certified organic

Awards and kind words

‘Brovia has carved out a place among Piedmont’s elite’ Jan.2014, Vinous Media

‘I can’t say enough good things about the Brovia family and what they have accomplished over the years, but especially over the last decade or so, which has seen them jump into the upper echelon of Barolo producers.’ Oct.2012, TWA

‘Simply put, Brovia is on fire’ Oct.2008, TWA

Wine Enthusiasts Top 100 Wines of the year
2021 – #29 WE98/100 Brovia 2017 Brea Vigna Ca’ Mia (Barolo) (Cellar Selections)
2020 – #14 WE100/100 Brovia 2016 Brea Vigna Ca’ Mia (Barolo) (Cellar Selections)
2020 – #18 WE99/100 Brovia 2016 Garblèt Suè (Barolo) (The Enthusiast 100)
2017 – #6 WE98/100 Brovia 2013 Garblèt Suè (Barolo) (Cellar Selections)


2013 Raeburn Wines start to import Brovia to UK
2013 Brovia is certified organic
2010 ´Organic in conversion´ process starts
2010 New menzioni geografiche law applies from this vintage: Barolo Ca´Mia becomes Barolo Brea Vigna Ca´Mia, Barolo Rocche becomes Barolo Rocche di Castiglione
2001 Alex Sanchez, Elena’s husband joins. They live at Cascina Brea in Serralunga. Alex works in cellar & business
1995 Barolo cru Brea (Ca’Mia) starts to be purchased, after working it en metayage
1991 Barolo cru Villero bought
1990s Slavonian oak large botte grande are gradually joined by some French oak botte grande for the crus
1980s Sisters Elena (viticulture studies: works in cellar) and then Cristina (enologist, works in vines) join
19xx Giacinto’s daughters born – the Brovia sisters, Elena & Cristina
1970 Marina, sister of Giacinto & Raffaele joins them, following sales
1968 Barolo cru Rocche (-di Castiglione) purchased and bottled as their first cru
1956 Giacinto marries
1953 Fratelli Giacinto (enology) and Raffaele restart wine production. First vintage bottled by Brovia: a Barolo
1943 Brovias buy cru Garblet Sue (next to Bricco Fiasco) and new house/cellar in Castiglione Falletto
1932 Antonio dies prematurely of pneumonia. Production ceases
1926 Giacinto (the second) born
1900 Son Antonio born
1863 Giacinto (the first) starts Brovia in Sinio, near Serralunga

Red Wines

WineGrape Varities
Vignavillej100% Dolcetto
Ciabot del Fi100% Barbera
Sori del Drago100% Barbera
La Villarina Seca100% Freisa
Nebbiolo d’Alba100% Nebbiolo
Barolo (Cuvee)100% Nebbiolo
Barolo Garblet Sue100% Nebbiolo
Barolo Rocche di Castiglione100% Nebbiolo
Barolo Villero100% Nebbiolo
Barolo Brea Vigna Ca’Mia (Monopole)100% Nebbiolo