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Bruno Dubois | Download PDF

At a Glance

  • Domaine established: 2002
  • Owner: Bruno Dubois
  • Closure type: Cork
  • Biodynamic: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes

The estate

BLANC: 2.5ha chenin blanc. 0.8ha (1/3rd) are 60yr VV at St Cyr en Bourg. 1.7ha are jeunes-vignes, co-planted in agroforestry with fruit trees during 2018/2019
ROUGE: 9ha cabernet franc. High average vine age >45-65yrs. 1.5ha are farmed with sheep to manage cover crops. Vue sur Loire is a 0.3ha parcel of VV planted in 1954. Future plan to add some Pineau d’Aunis

11ha in polycultural agroforestry (in 2023): Wheat for pasta, lentils, buckwheat, barley and sunflowers. Use of birdhouses, bat shelters and beehives.


Ambient yeast ferment. No extraction, no pumps, no fining, usually unfiltered. 10 to 20mg/l SO2 added before bottling.

BLANC: Zero added SO2 at the press. Elevage 1yr in stoneware amphora.
ROUGE: Destemmed. Zero added SO2 before fermentation. Plume and Rococo are Raised 1yr in concrete tanks. Vue Sur Loire & Villa Parisienne see 1yr in stoneware amphora.

Vessels of choice

‘Jarres en gres’ (stoneware ‘amphora’) made by Patrick Lalanne’s Vin et Terre in Bordeaux. 4 x 12hl, 4 x 10hl, 1 x 5hl in size (in 2023.)

Stoneware is silicon dioxide rich clay, fired at high temperatures of 1200 degrees C. (Unlike 800 degrees for terracotta.) It has low porosity.


2018 end of selling grapes to the cooperative
2017-2018 1.7ha more chenin planted at Brézé
2017 cuvée names were changed
2015 introduction of stoneware ‘amphora’
2015 start phasing out oak
2015 300 trees planted
2015 biodynamic certified
2012 organic certified
2009 organic in conversion
2005 start reduction of SO2
2004 1st vintage 100% organic work
2002 1st vintage on family estate
pre-2002 Bruno worked at Lapierre’s Chateau du Cambon, Bandol La Tour du Bon, Petrus
C.14th – oldest part of cave cellars